Volunteering Opportunities

Lots of Choices!

Here at Essex Alliance we've got serving opportunities as varied and plentiful as the people we serve. If you are ready to begin volunteering, or even if you are already participating, this is the place to connect with ministries that could use your help.

Are you gifted in specific areas? To get more information on how you can help with church ministries, find your gifts/talents area below and then click on a ministry where you would like to try using your gifts.

Gifts Area
Ministries* looking for help
The Arts - communication, creative or performing arts
Adults, Church, Kids, MOPS, Students, Web, Women, Worship
Campus Support - maintenance, improvements; set up, take down
Church, Facilities, Kids, Office, Students, Welcoming, Women, Worship
Administrative or Technical - office help, audio-visual, etc.
Adults, Church, Finance, Kids, Office, Students, Welcoming, Women, Worship Any
Guest Services - working with adult guests, service/event support
Church, Facilities, Hospitality, Kids, Students, Welcoming, Women, Worship Any
Church Family or Community - group or class facilitators, assistance teams, one-on-one
Adults, Care, Church, Hospitality, Kids, MOPS, Students, Women Any
Children or Students - nursery, preschool, elementary, middle school, high school Kids, MOPS, Students Any
Other - not listed or open to any need Adults, Care, Church, Facilities, Finance, Hospitality, Kids, MOPS, Office, Students, Web, Welcoming, Women, Worship Any


For adults age 18 and older
Caring for our church family
Church-wide activities and events
Buildings and grounds maintenance and management
Income and expense management
Providing food and drink for church functions
Children & Young Families Ministries including nursery, preschool and elementary 
Mothers Of PreSchoolers
Office Church office ministry departments and support staff
For middle school and high school students
Improving the church web site
Helping attendees feel welcome
Adult ministries for EveryWoman
Worship & Arts department
Any Managed by the Volunteer Coordinator