About Men

The Men's Ministry teams at Essex Alliance are dedicated to meeting the needs of men. It is our hope that every man will find a ministry here (or two or three) that fits his needs and interests - and, in the process, be given the opportunity to strengthen his family, church, workplace and neighborhood.

Men are vital to the life of our church. As such, we seek to encourage men to grow in their relationship with God — often through interaction with other men.

But in spite of their many strengths, many men find it difficult to make those essential connections. Our men's ministry team offers a variety of activities, events and other opportunities to provide no-pressure, comfortable environments where men can get to know each other and grow in their Christian walk — or even begin their relationship with Christ.


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Outreach Events

Outreach events, such as the annual golf tournament, provide fun opportunities for men to introduce their friends, neighbors and coworkers to other Christians and the church.

Seminars and Retreats

These one- or two-day events are designed to help men mature in Christ through excellent teaching and times for reflection and renewal.

Small Groups

Offered at different times and days of the week, these short- and long-term groups investigate relevant issues and provide opportunities for men to grow and learn together. Softball, basketball, bowling, golf and other sports provide the framework for men to have fun as they get to know each other Both practical and an opportunity for friendship, men work side by side as they help families with yard work and minor repairs.