Women's Growth Groups

Have you ever wondered how the Good News of the

Gospel makes a difference in everyday

Women’s Growth Groups seek to connect 3 to 5 like-

women who are committed to learning how the

core truths of Christianity influence the way we live and

think.  Each 
group sets their own meeting time and

frequency and determines where they will

meet.  The 
groups commit to meet only when each

member is available and commit to stay together as

group for the time that it takes to examine 25 core truths

of Christianity.  Each truth is addressed with the focus on

understanding how the truth affects situations we are

currently struggling with.  The 
group uses the curriculum,

Discipleship Essentials by 
Greg Ogden (cost ~$12).  Each

lesson includes individual work that is to be done between

sessions.  This work takes about 1 ½ hours to

complete. During the sessions the 
group will review the

lesson and spend time in prayer.  The

group completes this process in about 1 to 1 ½

years.  At the end of this time individuals are encouraged

to reach out to others by leading a 
group with 3 to 4

individuals from their sphere of influence.  

Frequency: Ongoing

Locations and times will vary depending on group preferences.

Contact Sherry Keller to get started!

sherrykeller2@gmail.com, 878-0056