The Life Transforming Truths of the Gospel

The Life Transforming Truths of the Gospel

Date: Thursdays, Sept 14- Nov 16

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: EAC Fireside Rm

Registration: Click here 

Coordinator: Sherry Keller,, 878-0056

We live in a world filled with many competing voices each offering truth.  How are the core truths of Christianity different from what the world tells us?

·         Are you new to the Christian faith and desire to better understand what you believe?

·         Do you want to learn how to better share what you believe with others?

·         Do you want to grow deeper in your faith and understand how these truths can impact struggles?

·         Do you want to learn how to better discern the conflicting voices in life?

In this study we will explore a different core truth of the Gospel weekly.  The emphasis will be on understanding and applying the core truth first to our own lives and then looking outward to how the truth differs from what our world teaches.  As we understand these truths better we will be better equipped to share what we believe with those around us.  We will look at how a radical belief of these truths, belief that leads to change in action, impacts the things that we struggle with. 

We will use the curriculum “Discipleship Essentials” by Greg Ogden.  Each week will have mandatory work to be done before each lesson which will require 1 ½ to 2 hours at most to complete.  The core truths are divided into four separate categories:

·         Growing up in Christ: being a disciple and making disciples, quiet time, inductive Bible study, Prayer, Worship

·         Understanding the Message of Christ: the Three-Person God, made in God’s image, sin, grace, redemption, justification, adoption

·         Becoming like Christ: filled with the Holy Spirit, Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Trust, Love, Justice, Witness

·         Serving Christ: the Church, ministry gifts, spiritual warfare, walking in obedience, sharing the wealth, money

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