Movies With A Message

A spring board to stimulate understanding and
thoughtful interaction with our culture.

Becket 1964

A battle for power between Henry II and Becket, The Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as a contrast of choices and character that display genuine power.

Of Gods and Men 2010

Algeria, 1995. A superb portrayal of courage and love, not achieved without struggle, among monks in an isloated Algerian village.

The Impossible Spy 1987

The true story of Eli Cohen, a Mussad spy, who inflitrates the Syrian B'aith party at the highest levels in the 1960's and provides information for the six-day war in 1967.

O Jerusalem 2006

J.J. Fields as a Jew and Said Taghmaoui as an Arab, friends from New York City, are tested as they take opposite sides in the 1947-48 war for the creation of Israel.  A powerful plea for peace.

The Autogiography of Miss Jane Pittman 1973

One hundred ten year-old Miss Jane tells her story . . . from slavery through reconstruction and segregation to the early civil rights movement. POWERFUL!

The Agony and The Ecstacy 1965

Michelangelo begrudgingly paints the Sistine Chapel for Pope Julius II. The story includes the inner struggle of each one to relate honestly and obediently to God.

The Color of Freedom 2007

Apartheit in South Africa and the struggle, 1968-1990, is told through the relationship of Nelson Mandela and his guard, over a period of twenty years.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story 2009

It's the story of a mother's perseverance, of a son's response, of overcoming obstacles, of heroic achievement and of pediatric neuro-surgeon pioneer, Ben Carson.  Underlayered with a spiritual connection.

Grace Card 2010

A Christian film that speaks of reconciliation, forgiveness, grace and restoration in a family, with friends and across racial divides.

As Far As My Feel Will Carry Me

The true story of the escape of a German prisoner of war from a Siberian labor camp, and his desperate drive to return home.

John Rabe

Based on the 1937 "Rape of Nanking", it tells the gripping story of the difference a very few courageous foreigners made (with John Gabe, German businessman leading) to save 200,000 Chinese.

Courageous 2011

A Christian film that highlights five men. It challenges husbands and fathers to step up to their trust.

King's Speech 2010

The courageous struggle of King George VI and his speech therapist to overcome his stammering/stuttering.

Beyond The Gate 2005

A recount of the Rwandan genocide from April to July, 1994, that killed 800,000 Tutsis.  A catholic priest and a young teacher do wht they can , in the midst of evel, for the people at the ecole technicale officielle.

Beyond The Gates of Splendor 2005

A review of the background and summary of the ongoing impact among the Waldonai Indians of Equador, of the five missionaries who were martyred in 1955.

All The King's Men 2006

Exposes the byzantine politics and corruption of Louisiana in the 1950's. Even the assassination of governor Huey Long only transfers the rotten system to another.  It exposes the fallen nature of us all and the price many are willing to pay.

Witness To Hope: The Life of John Paul II 2002

Born in 1920, formed by war and world events, John Paul finds a deep relationship with God and influences others to fight oppression and the world system with spiritual weapons.

Cold Mountain 2003 (rated R)

The struggle and survival of a wounded confederate soldier, as he makes his way home . . . and of his betrothed, as she fights for hers.  The nobility and cruelty of men's hearts finds expression along the way.  Intense! Disturbing! Rewarding!

Remember The Titans 2000

The tensions and dreams of racial integration are played out through the players and coaches of a championship football team in Alexandria, VA, in 1971.

The Island On Bird Street 1997

The true story of a 12-year-old's survival in a Polish ghetto in the midst of WWII.  Some goodness is demonstrated in the midst of despair.

The Pursuit of Happiness 2006

The true story of a single parent's struggle to build a better life.  From desperation, incredible tenaciousness finally lands him a toe hold with Dean Witter as a stock broker.

Amazing Grace 2007

William Wilberforce, John Newton, Lord Fox and William Pitt each play their parts in the true account of the struggle to outlaw the slave trade in England in the late 18th - early 19th centuries.

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter 1968

John Singer, a deaf mute, is but one of many lonely hearts whose lives intersect in a small, southern town.  It speaks of unheralded goodness and unbearable disappointment.

Stand And Deliver 1988

A math teacher and his Hispanic students show 'the system" they can deliver in an AP calculus exam.

Up 2009

An animated adventure of an old man and a little boy with lots of life lessons.  Great for children.

Saint John In Exile 1988

Dean Jones' monologue powerfully portrays the gospel story . . . its drama in its historical context and with its God-given power to transform.

Creation 2009

This portrays the agony of Charles Darwin as he wrestles with the tension between science and religion, as he formulates his work, "Origin of Species", in 1859. When he leaves God out, he cannot bear the loss of meaning, purpose, hope and eternity.

Crazy Heart 2009

A has-been country legend fights the effects of alcoholism, finds a reason to make an effort and changes course.