Small Groups for Men

Men, are you looking for a place to join other men in regular study of God's word or other books that challenge your spiritual walk? Good news! There are many study groups that are meeting on a regular basis and all of them are open for more men to join them. Take the step today to join in with other men who want to make a difference. 

Monday Evenings: 7:00 PM

"Common Man - Uncommon Life" - Military Vet Bible Study 

Active military and Veterans video Bible study

EAC Room 102 - Led by Joe Moore/Roger Pignataro 

Contact Information:

Joe Moore,

Roger Pignataro, or Ph: 802-497-0153

"Man Mayhem - Getting Rid of What Holds you Back"

EAC Mountain View Room - Led by Brad Kennison

Contact Information:

Brad Kennison, or Ph: 310-2745

Tuesday Mornings: 6:30 AM

"Counter Culture - Influencing Culture from a Christian World View"

Meeting at JP's, 39 River Rd, Essex - Led by Ron Caldwell/Brian Kinsman 

Contact Information:

Ron Caldwell, or Ph: 578-6891

Brian Kinsman, or Ph: 872-7169

Tuesday Evenings: 6:30 PM

"Experiencing the Love of Father God"

 EAC Community Center, Upstairs - Led by Tom Price/Dwight Safer

Contact Information:

Tom Price, or Ph: 310-8561

Dwight Safer, or Ph: 999-4266

Wednesday Mornings:  6:30 AM

"Book of John Bible Study"

       Meeting at JP's, 39 River Rd, Essex - Led by Doug Underhill

    Contact Information:

Doug Underhill, or Ph: 355-4817

Every Other Thursday Evening:  7:00 PM

 "Is the Bible Reliable?"

       1 Thistle Lane, Essex - Led by Brian Miller 

     Contact Information:

Brian Miller, or Ph: 999-7691

1st Saturday of Each Month:  8:00 AM

"Book of Galatians Bible Study"

Meeting at JP's, 39 River Rd, Essex - Led by John Rizzo 

    Contact Information:

John Rizzo, or Ph: 999-6065